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Conversation Bubble Clothing Accents

Article of clothing or personal accessory, such as a purse
Chalkboard contact paper, chalkboard cloth, or ordinary fabric
Stencil or template
Permanent marker or chalk

Conversation bubbles are popping up everywhere! People make them, put them on sticks, and show them off at a wedding or other party. They also make conversation bubbles and put them in scrapbooks. You know what a conversation bubble is, right? It’s a drawn circle, with words inside of it, and a pointer that indicates who is saying those words. If you make conversation bubbles you can create the cutest shirt and clothing accents. They’re fun and look fabulous. And if you are looking to keep up with the latest fashion trends, you might want to consider playing rantanสมัครบาคาร่า online.

There are literally thousands of different conversation bubbles that you can make and wear. The bubble can be made permanent, or removable. It can be made to look like a chalkboard or can be made from plain cloth. You’ll need a pattern; you can buy a stencil, print out a conversation bubble and use it as a pattern, or just draw one in a freehand style. It can be helpful to look at pictures of conversation bubbles to get an idea of how to draw the pointer, and such.

To make a temporary tattoo bubble, cut the shape from a piece of chalkboard contact paper. Buy it online by the roll; a roll will make many, many conversation bubbles. You can write what you want and then stick it to a shirt, a purse, or the back of a jacket. To make a permanent but changeable conversation bubble, use chalkboard fabric, and write what you want on it each time you use it. To make a permanent, unchangeable version, cut a piece of ordinary cloth. The best kind is fabric without images. Write what you will on the fabric bubble with a paint marker. The marker is permanent so you can wash the clothing item without worry.

Conversation bubbles can have any message inside. You can write “I Love Cats”, “Life is Beautiful”, “Hello”, “Ask Me About My Business”, “I’m In Love”, or any other statement. Most conversation bubbles have a pointer that indicates who is speaking, and the pointer is generally aimed at the head or mouth. You won’t be able to do that unless you’re wearing a hat, and you put the bubble on it. Otherwise, just let the pointer be where you put it, aimed at the shirt it’s on, the purse it’s on, or the other article of clothing that it’s attached to.

Make conversation bubble clothing accents for kids and adults. Craft ones that stay on the clothing and ones that you can remove and replace. It’ll become a favorite pastime of yours.


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5 Clothing Essentials Every Wardrobe Must Have

I’m tough on clothes. I expect a lot out of my wardrobe. It has to keep up with me, and I do a lot of changing. I change jobs. One day I’m in an office, the next outside painting a staircase. I change styles. I’ll go from hippie to hipster in the same week. And I change temperature. I live in the northeast where there truly are four seasons in a year and it can go from 70 degrees to 30 degrees in a day.

Because I am always changing, I don’t spend a lot on each clothing item in my wardrobe. When I spend just a little on clothing, I feel less guilty if I get it stained or end up not liking it anymore after only wearing it a few times.

These reasons all combine to severely limit the length of time an item of clothing will exist in my wardrobe, and explain my utter shock and respect when an item does stand the test of time.

These wardrobe essentials have lasted me the longest, and if you’re anything like me, could be worth looking into yourself, you might just find them still in the front dresser drawer years from now.

Silk Nightie. My husband bought this little nightie by August Silk Intimates for me eight years ago! That’s a lifetime in my wardrobe. This nightie is 100 percent silk and when I throw it in the wash it comes out wrinkly but when I put it on the wrinkles quickly fade away. This nightie flatters my small bust and is the perfect length to hang just right on my 5’6″ frame so that it covers my bum and flares out in the upper mid thigh region. The cut allows me to feel sexy and playful while still not being too self-conscious to open the door in it if the UPS guy stops by.

Bold Print Wrap Skirt. A skirt that can carry you through pre, mid and post pregnancy is a wardrobe essential worth holding on to. I found this skirt too many years ago to count. I had a similar one before that but got rid of it in one of my wardrobe perges and once I saw another, I realized how much I missed it. This bold print wrap skirt hides all the stains that I’m known for attracting, can be dressed up or dressed down and is suitable for at least three of the four seasons. Versitility, utility and wearability make a bold print wrap skirt a surefire wardrobe essential.

Statement Jewelry. Fashionistas thrive in a wardrobe made up of statement pieces, but these trends quickly go out of style, however jewelry has a much longer fashion life if you choose the right pieces. I love necklaces and have found that a simple, yet bold necklace can really define your style for quite a while. I make statement jewelry a wardrobe essential by only having a limited number of pieces at one time and then wearing them often and with a variety of looks. I wore this large medallion necklace at least once a week for the last 5 years at least, slowly phasing it out in favor of a long, simple strand that can be laced around and worn several ways.

Hoodie Sweatshirt. A sweatshirt that has some tailoring will forever be a wardrobe essential. This one has a Little Red Robin Hood appeal that makes it seem playful and fun to wear, while the flaired waist makes it suitable to pair with skirts and pants alike. The thing I like the most about this sweatshirt is that the cut makes it seem like I’m not wearing a sweatshirt at all, but I still get all the comfort of one.

Tights. Ah, Hallaluya for tights! Tights are at the pinnacle of my wardrobe essentials list. Tights make skirts possible in the winter, enough said.