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DIY Craft Ideas: Americana Red Barn Inspired Candle Holder

When I think of “Americana”, a few images come to mind… flags, apple pie, and red barns. It is easy to say that nothing is quite more comforting and classic. Add a touch of this look to your home with this easy to create candle holder that conjures up the warm feelings of that classic red barn look.

For this project, you will need:

– Candle block holder from Viking Wood Crafts

– Delta CeramaCoat Acrylic Paint in Barn Red

– Delta CeramaCoat Acrylic Paint in Antique White

– Medium grit sandpaper

– Soft cloth

– Three inch cast iron star from Texican Treasures

– Hot glue gun

– Paper cup or bowl

– Water

– Coarse hair paintbrush

– Glass votive holders

– Vanilla or berry scented votive candles

– Newspaper

Coat your workspace adequately with newspaper, as this project can get a little messy. Gently sand the candle block holder with medium grit sandpaper. Wipe off any dust with a soft cloth. (This step is vital as it helps the paint adhere to the wood.)

Mix one part water with one part Delta CeramaCoat Acrylic Paint in Antique White in the paper cup or bowl. Using the coarse hair paintbrush, paint the entire wood candleholder with a singular coat. Allow the paint to dry.

Paint over the white on the wood candle holder with a thick coat of Delta CeramaCoat Acrylic Paint in Barn Red. Let the candleholder set until it is almost completely dry. With medium grit sandpaper, sand random areas on the holder to remove a bit of red paint. This adds a vintage, worn look that many boutique charge lots of money for. Let the paint dry fully.

Paint the cast iron stars with the white paint mixture. Once the paint has dried, sand off some of the coating with the medium grit sandpaper. Dust off any remnants with a soft cloth. Heat up your hot glue gun. Attach the cast iron star to the center of the side of the wooden candleholder using the glue gun. Allow the glue to dry.

Insert the glass votive holders. Place vanilla or berry scented candles in the holders and enjoy!

TIP: For an added Americana look, try using a dark blue base coat instead of an antique white. Or, instead of a barn red top coat consider using a blue shade. The only limit is your imagination with this project, so be creative!