Types of Mannequins for Clothing Stores

Mannequin usually refers to an over-size soft padded doll used by painters, tailors, dress makers, decorators and others to display or fit clothes. There are mannequins in stores, museums, art galleries, gift shops, department stores, film studios, theatres and on TV programs.

mannequin head

Displaying mannequins in retail environments can help customers make purchasing decisions as they can compare different styles and products visually. As a result of mannequins displaying clothes, accessories and other types of goods, sales of that product are increased.

Mannequin manufacturers have produced various types of mannequin head to enhance the variety of accessories props available. Headless mannequins (or heads without heads) have made a huge comeback in the last few years and are now considered to be high fashion. These headless mannequins give shoppers the ability to preview pieces of clothing before purchasing. Many clothing brands showcase these types of mannequins or their collections on their websites in order to attract new customers.

There are several different types of mannequins that retail stores use to display mannequins, which allow shoppers to view various body parts such as the abdomen, buttocks, breasts, legs and feet especially when trying to display k swiss tennis shoes. Some mannequins display accessories such as hats, belts, sunglasses. A clothing display mannequin shows a mannequin as it is. A complete mannequin looks the same as a full one, but they have clothing on both their arms and legs.

The dummies can also be used as clothes hangers, on furniture at home, in department stores, departmental shops, gift shops, and adult video stores. You can even find dolls in mannequin-style that look exactly like certain men’s clothes, dresses, hats and body suits.

Display mannequins dressed in clothing can be one to four sizes, depending on the item being displayed. Display mannequins that display a small size man’s torso are usually three to four inches long and between three to five inches tall. Display mannequins that display a size medium torso of a mannequin are between five and nine inches tall and between six and ten inches wide. Display mannequins of a plus size mannequin are usually up to twenty-two inches wide and between fifteen and twenty-two inches tall. All of these mannequins can be found in a variety of mannequin styles including dresses, tank tops, one-shoulder tops, halter tops, dresses with straps and camisoles.